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Software project managers need a tool to help plan and control their projects.

For starters, a software cost estimation tool should offer:

Accurate estimatesWithin 20% of actuals, 70% of the time
Range estimatesLets you trade off Risk vs. Effort
Comprehensive estimates Estimates for Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, Maintenance, and Adaptation
A track record Used by thousands of software project managers

Some of the better software cost estimation tools may also provide:

What-if analysesMake trade-offs & perform sensitivity analyses
Extensibility User definable cost drivers
AdaptabilityCan be calibrated to your environment
Function PointsAn optional software sizing method

There is one software cost estimation tool that gives you ALL of the above PLUS:

Easy to learn interfaceContext sensitive help, online tutorial
COCOMO II.2000The latest and most accurate COCOMO calibration
An established modelBased on COCOMO, not a proprietary model, so all details are published
Schedule Constraint OptimizationA GUI tool that lets you make schedule/effort trade-offs -- you can constrain a project to a certain duration or cost
Support for Incremental COCOMOModel your Incremental Development or Prototyping process
24 different reports & graphsIncluding schedule, staffing, cost, summary, activities, and milestones -- each report can be sent to the screen, printer, or a file
Export to ExcelAny of the reports can be exported; you can even do live updates of Excel spreadsheets
Work Breakdown Structures Any number of levels in product hierarchy (system, subsystem, module, etc.) -- You can describe your project's structure in as much detail as you choose

Which tool? SystemStar. We know you need professional tools, AND:

Complete estimation package
  • Includes Barry Boehm's Software Engineering Economics (767 pages).
  • Includes Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II (502 pages).
Volume discounts Site license available, Corporate license available
Support after the saleFree phone & e-mail support

6 billion reasons to use SystemStar:

4Operating Systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
10COCOMO & COSYSMO estimating models built in
29Years of enhancements & improvements
1,000,000Licensed users (almost 2 million now!)
5Graphs (you can use live links to Excel to make your own)
1,269Textbook pages describing COCOMO
17Cost Drivers (and you can add your own)
1Web site for information & support
(603) 672-0987Phone number for technical support