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The guided tour will lead you through a simple application of our COCOMO II software estimation tool.

    Guided Tour -- SystemStar Wizard (13 page tutorial)...

    Guided Tour (11 page tutorial)...

    Guided Tour -- Monte Carlo Sizing (8 page tutorial)...

The tutorials covers just a fraction of SystemStar's capabilities. The following links show most of SystemStar's features and reports, so that you can get a better idea of what SystemStar can do for you.

    The Main SystemStar Window (1 page)

    Menus (8 pages)

    Estimate Toolbar (1 page)

    Component Toolbar (1 page)

    Reports Toolbar (1 page)

    Notebook Tabs (12 pages)

    Reports (13 pages)

    Help Table of Contents (1 page)

    Worksheets (8 pages)