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What's new in SystemStar 3.0

  1. Support for the latest 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    New installation process & new help system.

  2. Full support for COSYSMO 2.0 and COCOMO II models.

  3. Monte Carlo Sizing -- model your project by estimating a range of sizes.

  4. New Reports
       Cumulative Probability Distribution Report
       Probability Distribution Report
       Risk Report

What's new in Costar 7.0

  1. Support for all the latest 32 bit Windows Operating Systems:
    Win 95, Win 98, Win NT 4, Win 2000, and Win XP.

  2. Costar launches a wizard when it starts. The wizard helps you set
    Scale Drivers, Cost Drivers, etc.

  3. The two main windows of Costar 6.0 have been merged into a single window.

  4. Several new reports have been added:
        Equations Report
        Cost Driver Report
        Effort Report
        Cost Report
        Size Summary

  5. Costar 7.0 supports Drag & Drop.

  6. The GUI is simpler and more powerful. New features include:

        Effort may be displayed in either Person-Months or Person-Hours.
        You may select an option to display effort with extra precision.

        The main window is customizable, with 7 optional sections:
            Estimate Toolbar
            Component Toolbar
            Report Toolbar
            Estimation Results
            Hint Bar
            Status Bar

        The EAF has been made more visible -- it's on the new
        Cost Driver Report, and on the Status Bar.

        Productivity has been made more visible -- it's in the
        Estimation Results section of the main window.

  7. Filters have been added, as a way to post-process the COCOMO results.
    Check the help message for several examples.

  8. Costar 7.0 can import files from the USC tool.

  9. It's easy to upgrade from Costar 6.0 to Costar 7.0. Simply run
    Costar 7.0, and read your files created by Costar 6.0 (i.e. Costar 7.0
    can read them with no translation required).

What's new in Costar 6.0

  1. The COCOMO II.2000 calibration
    This is the latest and most accurate COCOMO II calibration.

  2. Support for all the latest 32 bit Windows Operating Systems
    Win 95, Win 98, Win NT 4, Win 2000

  3. MBASE
    A new alternative to the Waterfall phases.

  4. REVIC
    Our version of Ray Kile's popular estimation model.

  5. Schedule Constraints
    Have a fixed schedule?  Or a limited budget?  Trade-off effort vs. project duration with a new GUI tool.

  6. Export to Excel
    Each of the Costar reports can be exported to Excel.  Costar can even update the Excel spreadsheet in real-time.

  7. Improved component navigation, improved help messages for cost drivers, long filenames, long component names, and more.