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This image depicts the main SystemStar Window with the Model notebook tab selected.  The Select Model button has been clicked to display the list of COCOMO & COSYSMO models.

The Model window is used to select a traditional COCOMO or COSYSMO estimating model.

If you're new to SystemStar & COCOMO, you should probably use one of the first two models -- they're both COCOMO II.2000, but they use different phase models.  The Waterfall model uses a fairly traditional set of phases, while the MBASE model uses phases comparable to the Rational RUP model.

The Early Design model is a COCOMO II model suitable for use during the early stages of a project, when relatively little is known about the project.

COCOMO_85 is essentially the traditional COCOMO 81 model described in Software Engineering Economics, and COCOMO_87 is a minor enhancement to the traditional model, with a couple of new cost drivers added.

If you doing systems engineering estimation, you should probably start with the COSYMO 2.0 model.

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