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This image depicts the SystemStar Report toolbar.

Each button on the Report Toolbar corresponds to one of SystemStar's reports.  Click a button to display a report.  SystemStar's reports are updated in real-time, as you make changes to the COCOMO or COSYSMO parameters.  You can also link each report to an Excel spreadsheet.

ACT    Activity Report

ARC   Archive Report

CBR    Cost & Breakage Report

CDF    Cumulative Distribution Function

CDR    Cost Driver Report

CMP    Comparison Report

CST    Cost per Component Report

DET    Detail Report

EBR    Effort & Breakage Report

EFF    Effort per Component Report

EQS    Equations Report

GCS    Graph of Cost

GMI    Graph of Milestones

GST    Graph of Staffing

IDT    Increment Detail Report

ISM    Increment Summary Report

MSZ    Maintenance Size Report

NAM    Names Report

PDF    Probability Distribution Function

RSK    Risk Report

SCH    Schedule Report

SIZ    Size Report

SSM    Size Summary Report

STR    Structure Report

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